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Monty's Cottage  - Wet Sleddale, Shap 

Day 1 of what was going to be a (too) short trip away for Des's 40th.  I was here last week and talking about it in the pub Sunday we came up with the plan to stop here for a walk on the way to the cottage.  We'd then visit some of the other Withnail sites (via a some very dodgy looking bridges on the road over the moor)  and then watch the film that night - along with a few fine wines of course...

Glad to say the weather men got it completely wrong and the rain never came.  Lord Lonsdale wasn't so happy, we met him and his gamekeeper on the way home having given up on his days deer stalking.  It seems a group of walkers had walked right through where he'd spent the morning counting the deer and just before he could get a shot off the deer ran away.  Not sure how they spotted us...

Think we saw Lord Lonsdale weeping in the butcher's shop later.....  

Des navigating with the compass.

Rule 1, always blend in with your surroundings.

Climbing up to Sleddale Pike.

Grey Bull.


We saw lots of wild deer today, this is the closest we got to them.  They're here running across the middle of the shot, but since my camera broke last week I can't zoom so it's difficult to see them as they're well camouflaged (unlike us).

Over Tongue Gill, and dropping into a lovely valley at Sleddale Beck, we heard the Stags braying (Of course it could have been Lord Lonsdale finally losing it).

Then up on the horizon a Stag came into view. 


..or you could just walk over the bridge...

Looking south to Sleddale Pike.

Monty's cottage, Crow Crag.


Are you the farmer? We've come on holiday by mistake..



Here, Hare, Here.





Back along the reservoir to the cars.


Penrith, ...,  Penrith!  How Dare you!

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