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Navigation Training  - Rosthwaite, Borrowdale 

More training for the 2009 OMM and another old OMM course to recce.  Another OMM we didn't complete, although to be fair we didn't even start and no one else finished this year!  This was the infamous 2008 course, the one that had the freak weather conditions that caused the event to be cancelled for the first time in it's history.   It was also the one the media got hold of with report of thousands lost on the fells.  Hyped up by the demands of the 24 hour media to fill news slots on a slow news weekend.  Seems they just couldn't comprehend that when you enter the race you are expected to look after your self.  It's your responsibility to stay safe, know your limits and look after yourself; if you don't make it the camp it's assumed you've just camped on the fells somewhere.  That can't be possible in this day and age can it, what about risk assessments or health and safety ?  Who's making sure it's safe, err that'll be you.  


Well we take this lane, then I think it's up...

Looking West towards High Spy

Looking SE to Stonethwaite














Don't think you need that compass, pretty sure it's up again....

There's a gap in the photos for half hour before this.  That'll be when I was moaning about wanting to go home and wondering why I was still going up.  Still after a banana sandwich, an energy gel and a drink I was back.  I suppose finally getting to the top of Hindscarth helped too!

Dale head and it's all downhill from here.




Just couldn't get the right temperature today, except here with a strong cold wind coming from the Honister Pass to the right, having my coat half on half off was just right!




  Max Wall bridge.

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