Lough Graney

A beautiful lake in County Clare, near Scariff. The Irish Poet Brian Merriman taught in the area,and in the opening part of his most famous work"The Midnight Court" are these lines:


"When I looked at Lough Graney my heart grew bright,

Ploughed lands and green in the morning light,

Mountains in rows with crimson borders,

Peering above their neighbours' shoulders."


sign There's good fishing

With lovely reeds around the shore

By the roadside is a Holy Well (I think). If anyone knows more, please let me know!
A panoramic photograph from the foot of the Lough
Brian & father Taken in 1998. Please contact me if you need directions!
Taken in May 2001. Brian, Mal, Father, Barry, Des. Shame about the pub name! Graney men!
Tuamgraney There is a village called Tuamgraney near the Lough, with an interesting theory about the origin of the name - The broken-hearted Lady Greine committed suicide by drowning in Lough Graney. Her body floated down the river, where it was washed ashore in a wood. A mound was raised over her body, and the village took the name from this - "The tomb of Greine". She was Ireland's first recorded suicide!





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