The Graney Name

Is your name Graney ?

There's more of us than you'd think: since I created these pages, I've had contact from Graneys worldwide - all are interested in finding more about our origins. I'm slowly gathering information, and am always keen to hear from others who are also searching!

The name has many variations: this was copied from a book on Irish surnames:


These two names are fairly numerous; Greaney in South West Munster and MacGrane around Dublin, and so cannot be ignored, though I have little positive information about them.

As a Cork-Kerry surname Greany is O'Greany, (O Grainne in Irish) - Woulfe derives it from the christian name Grainne, and thus makes it one of our few matronymic surnames. As O'Granie and O'Grane it appears in the County Cork 16thCentury Fiants.

More than two centuries earlier, in 1313 the Justciary Rolls record the aquittal by a jury in County Cork of Rawenyld O'Grayne, charged with aiding a convicted robber. MacGranny and MacGraney, now extant in County Armagh as MacGrana, occur quite frequently in the same records in two areas, Co. Armagh and Co. Roscommon, and I can presume be equated also with the modern MacGrane.

We think our Ancestors came over to England like many others during the potato famine, between 1845 - 1850. They either landed at Holyhead in Anglesey, or at Parkgate on the Wirral peninsular and gradually worked and walked their way to Liverpool and the North West. It's not a common name, but there are a few in local phone directories.

John Graney Peter Graney
Great Grandfather John Graney(right) Grandfather Peter Graney 1891 - 1987
Jack Graney  

Father Jack

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My Great-Great Grandfather John died in 1925 aged 64. My Grandfather Peter died in 1987 aged 96. He fought in the Battle of the Somme as an Artilleryman, and worked for Pilkingtons, the glass manufacturers in St. Helens. He had 4 brothers - Joe, Jim, Charlie(died aged 25),John (died aged 2 in 1924), and 4 sisters with good old fashioned Lancashire names, Maggie, Lizzie, Nellie, and Annie. He married and had two children, John (my father) and Veronica.

My father was born in 1922. Married my Mother Eunice Lowe in 1959.

I am the eldest (40) of six children: Myself, Cathy, Barry, Des, Roger, Malcolm.


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