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Training Run - Bob Graham Leg 2, Threlkeld to Dunmail Raise 

I had just back from travelling and wanted to spend some time at home with Alison & Emma when I found out about the run.
  The route and the forecast were just too good to miss, and since Alison said I should go I promised to get us back as soon as possible which meant trying to keep the group moving through the day J .

Ian, Ray and I were meeting Rob, Dale and Alistair  for a recce of Leg 2 of the Bob Graham round.  Rob and Dale are attempting it next year and we'll (hopefully) accompany them on some of the legs.
Things went well in the morning, apart from the usual faffing about we were away nearly on time, and started the run at quarter past ten.  Things went downhill on the way home as we ran in to traffic from the Great North Swim which had been on all weekend and evidently very popular judging by the time it took us to get from Grasmere to the M6. 

The day was perfect, unusually warm for September, but great for route choice and navigation - you could see for miles. Once up on the ridge the running was superb, wide paths, gentle slopes and views to die for at every step.
This is where I am on all my training runs, wherever I'm actually running.


"Tactical" retreat to the back for the ridiculously steep ascent of Clough Head.

Looking south west towards Robinson, Crag Hill and Grizedale Pike.  In the real event that's about 18 hours hard work away...

Ian takes on some extra fluid on top of Clough Head.(45 mins).

 Rob and Dale approaching Great Dodd (1hr10)..

Unfortunately, after an uncharacteristic map reading error, Ray had to be told it wasn't actually the finish. 

Watson's Dodd (1hr20)

Climbing Helvellyn Lower Man.

Looking West towards Thirlmere and the High Seat Ridge from the slopes of Lower Man

Dale on Lower Man (2hrs05)

Climbing Helvellyn from Lower Man.

Helvellyn (2hrs15)

Nice run down off Helvellyn towards Nethermost Pike....

Looking back to Striding Edge..

Nethermost Pike (2hrs30)





Descending Nethermost Pike (2hrs35)


. Looking North from Dollywagon Pike.

Dollywagon Pike with Seat Sandal in the background (2hrs45)


Rob wanted to do the hardest route up Fairfield, just to make sure it was a bad as he remembered. Thanks Rob!

Climbing Fairfield from Grizedale tarn.

Looking North from high slopes of Fairfield, back at route run earlier today.

Final slopes of Fairfield, tactically dropped to rear again for sake of photos!.

Ian climbing last slopes of Seat Sandal with Fairfield descent in background.

Seat Sandal (4hrs)

Descent to Dunmail Raise (4hrs25)

Thankfully someone (Dale?) had the good idea of parking one car at Dunmail Raise so we were home to change of clothing and cup of coffee sooner than expected!

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