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Grizedale Forest Sculpture Trail - Ghosts in the Wood

Got away early one Saturday (29/08/09) and went to the Lakes to see Mike Salcombe's installation Ghosts in the Wood.
Emma wanted to ride her bike along the trail.  Although it said no bikes allowed, Emma was pushed most of the time so we decided it'd be ok.

Big mistake, we later found the way went up a very steep slope with no way to get the bike up
Alison wouldn't let me hide the bike in the bushes and Emma wouldn't let me take it back to the car.
Shame this meant the nearest Alison got to seeing it is these photos. Emma enjoyed it though....

To finish off we had the best ice cream for a long time in the visitors centre - Lakes ice cream, highly recommended!
 And to top off a great day, the motorway was empty and we were home in little over 90mins.

No Bikes allowed!

After a long walk on some great trails (at high speed to get back before Alison got hypothermia) you see the paintings.

Although Emma was more interested in throwing sticks in the river.

The paintings were arranged in different directions to some you could see in the distance, others drew you around the grove.

It was threatening to rain while we were there and this gave a good mood to the wood, would like to have seen it on a sunny day too...

Think this was my favourite shot, the paintings just seem to be floating in the air.

Whereas on this one Emma seems to be floating in mid air! 


What you can't get by looking at the photos is the eerie creaking the canvases make as the wind blows them around.


Emma decided she was being a hunter in the forest, not sure what she was looking for but amazingly she did manage to stay dry over the river.




No chance of a share on that ice cream is there!



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