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Braithwaite  - Lake District 

A repeat of last year when Brian came back. Not so well organised this year with double bookings and hospital stays making it hard work.


Fantastic night sky, Milky way, shooting stars, planets.

Early morning run with Emma.  Start of a long day.

We decided last night to go up Cat Bells, as it's only a little trot out...
Great views of Robinson and Hindscarth in the background.



Everybody made it to the waterfall but that was enough for Alison, Cathy and Sophie - one didn't have boots (my fault) and one didn't have any puff.


Mike recovers after showing Rog who's the boss when it comes to sprinting.

And there you are, only an hour of steep uphill climbing and you can see the top at last.


Nobody told me there'd be a rock climb.


Bit windy on top, but great views.  Emma's first mountain top 2-10-2010

Looking West to Grizedale Pike and the Coledale horseshoe.


It's not abandoned, it's parked..


Bad backs, Big waves, Skinned knuckles, Wet pants.



Never get long enough to explore Secret Island

Right everybody in and... push....    "Oh my god...." - thought we'd hit someone, only Mal's ringtone though!


Day after the night before...One potato two potato, where's my keys, whack.



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